Cursed by Angela Addams
2014 Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61922-022-5
The Order of the Wolf, Book 1
Wherever there’s a lying, cheating scumbag who’s broken a
woman’s heart, Vengeance Dealer Darcy Wells is there. So what
if she isn’t the most skilled witch around? She’s only using one
spell, which leaves the hapless male suffering tormenting lust for
one woman. Her.

The beautiful part? This curse comes equipped with a blinding
agent, allowing her a clean getaway. Unrequited lust, coming
right up! As far as Darcy is concerned, it’s justice served. Her
next target: Raven Glock, rock band bassist and drop-dead-
gorgeous sex god.

When Raven lays eyes on the luscious Darcy, he gives her what
he promises all the starry-eyed groupies who toss their panties at
him—one unforgettable night in his bed. Sex with Darcy is so
epic that he forgets his cardinal rule: to get her out before
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