Spell Weaver by Angela Addams
Spell Weaver
2015 Samhain Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61922-447-6
The Order of the Wolf, Book 4
Shot by a Huntress, his wolf trapped within him, Dyami Storm is
battling a poison that is eating him alive. His only hope is finding
his mate, but without his wolf to guide him, he doesn’t know
where to look.

The second the sexy bad boy stumbles into her tattoo shop,
smelling of booze and oozing attitude, Summer Sinclair knows
he’s trouble. She should turn him away, but a strange magnetic
pull compels her to help him out with a little ink.

When Summer’s boyfriend walks through the door, Dyami
senses he’s in the presence of a Hunter, and the Hunter
recognizes him as a wolf. With hackles raised, a weapon coming
at him, Dyami’s only choice snaps into place. Bite Summer,
marking her as his—and unleashing her powers as a Spell

On the run from Hunters and losing his fight against the poison,
Dyami is in a race against time to convince Summer her power
could change the course of the war…and that his fate is in her
Spell Weaver
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