The Witches of White Willow
First edition: Weird Sister Press

A Witch Hospital Romance, Book 1

Even destiny can't get in the way of what is meant to be.

Hazel Knight is a Promised One—a witch born with
unique magic abilities. As a result, her future is laid out for
her. She is to join the Circle and spend the rest of her life
meditating, chanting and devoting her healing magic to
bolster her fellow witches. It’s a commitment Hazel is
proud to make, and she’s just one internship away from
fulfilling her destiny.

But just because Hazel’s committed to her destiny doesn’t
mean she can't have some fun before she takes the final
step. For the past year, she’s enjoyed many clandestine
nights with a man who has given her a lifetime of
memories to take with her. A mysterious lover whose
name she’s never asked, whose face she’s never fully seen.

Yet when her internship begins, she has no trouble
recognizing Healer Duke Hart, the exquisitely sexy witch
whom her mother has handpicked to serve as her mentor.

Hazel only meant to have a little fun before she devoted
herself to a life of servitude, but Duke is bound and
determined to prove that nothing, not even destiny, is
written in stone.
The Witches of
White Willow
by Angela Addams
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The Witches of White Willow