Wolves' Bane
2015 Samhain Publishing
ISBN-13: 978-1-61922-795-8
ISBN-10: 1619227959
The Order of the Wolf, Book 3
Her destiny is etched in his skin...and carved in her heart. Order
of the Wolf, Book 3 Morgan Stills is a woman without a future.
At least, that's what the carnival psychic tells her. Love is
foretold as well, but too bad. She's already been marked for
death. She no sooner flees the psychic's tent when she's
confronted by the biggest wolf she's ever seen. A wolf that talks
to her-right before she's enveloped in a black cloak and dragged
away. Caleb was born for one purpose: follow the burning of his
tattoo to find and protect his destined mate, the Huntress. When
he rescues her from Lazarus, the king of beasts, what thanks
does he get? A swift kick in his tender parts that leaves him
writhing in a ball of pain. Morgan quickly realizes her destiny lies
with the Order of the Wolf. The only catch-she must choose
between two sworn enemies who vie for her body, heart, and
soul. Marked as a Huntress, thrust into an ancient feud between
werewolf and Hunter, she must pick up a sword or die. And
somehow learn to live without the man she is destined to kill.
Warning: Be prepared for fiery hot, melt-your-panties men, all
muscle and sinew, searching for their one true mate. Committed,
hot, and horny. What could be better?
Wolve's Bane
Wolves' Bane by Angela Addams
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