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Thursday, October 8, 2009

How exciting!

So, just as a follow up, I did meet my agent on Saturday and it went extremely well. She is very enthusiastic...but not so much that I question her sanity. It was quite a bizarre experience for me, like I was in some other dimension where everything was going my way and where this lovely lady was telling me everything I've always wanted to hear about my writing. It's hard for someone like me not to feel a little apprehensive in the believing it department. I'm not the most positive of people...I prefer to think of myself as a realist as opposed to a pessimist though.

In any case, the meeting went really well, Alisha and I hit it off, but I knew we would...that first phone conversation was enough to tell me that much. What I wasn't expecting was the weird feeling of disbelief that kept washing over me...I kept staring at her thinking "Oh my god, you really think you can sell my book to actual publishers!" It was very strange and for a brief moment or two, I actually found myself thinking, "Holy cow, this could actually happen for me!" But it's dangerous to get overly excited or to anticipate too much...so I'm back to let's wait and see. Although I must admit, it was awfully nice to hear someone of importance in the publishing world say things like..."My editor friend at -blank- is going to love your book."

So, she's going to get me edits in the next week or so and wants to try to get my book out on submission by the end of October...which is very quick...and very exciting. Now I find myself thinking, every so often, that in a few months, I could get the email that could change my life as I know it....tamp down the excitement...tamp it down!

Anyway, on another note, I did get my cover art for The Temptress (to be released October 23 at Cobblestone Press) and I think it looks really dark and sexy...just perfect for the story.

I've got two author interviews lined up in the next couple of weeks...more details to follow. As well, I will have some contests for free copies of The Temptress...stay tuned for that info.

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  1. So exciting! I'm glad the meeting went well. And congrats on the cover art!