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Monday, January 18, 2010

Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me

So, I got tagged by fellow writer, Michelle Muto, to write seven things that you didn’t know about me…in return, or paying it forward, I would like to tag a couple of fellow writers: Danica Avet and Diane Girard to write their own list of seven.

I’m sure you’re all excited so I won’t keep you waiting…here are the seven things that you didn’t know about me…

1) I was born on the cusp of Leo and Cancer which makes me a confident, loyal, stubbornly vain, moody, oversensitive, domineering, caring type of person…how’s that for confusing! I love being born on a cusp because it means that I can always read two horoscopes and pick the one that I think sounds better for me! Do I believe in all of that horoscope mumbo, jumbo…well, yes, I do…which leads me to my next thing...

2) I am superstitious! Yes, that’s right, I believe, I believe, I believe…but only sometimes. After doing a degree in Psychology, I managed to convince myself out of believing in many of my superstitious ideas…with the exception of a few stubborn clingers…I cannot walk past a penny without picking it up, I do not walk under ladders, and I have a strong aversion to umbrellas being opened inside. I know, I know, it makes no sense, why these three? I can’t answer that…it is what it is.

3) Not only do I have a degree in Psychology but I also have one in English…as well as a third one, which I can’t tell you about because then you’ll know what I do for a living ; ) But I can tell you that I spent seven years in school achieving all of my fancy education and it was only with my last degree that I actually got a job! Apparently no one will hire a newly graduated English major…Psychology major; I wish someone had told me that!

4) I find listening to music very inspirational…just not when I’m writing. I get really pumped up when I hear a great song. It makes me think of all of the possibilities out there for me as a writer if I just keep working at it. I love listening to music except when I’m writing. I can have the t.v. on, or work in a busy coffee shop, but the second I hear music I lose all ability to focus on the writing and instead get lost in the rhythm and beat.

5) One of my favorite authors is Wilkie Collins, a Victorian novelist who was good friends with Charles Dickens. I have spent years tracking down all of his works and I believe I have read them all. His more famous fiction, The Women in White and The Moonstone are usually the titles people think of when I mention this author but he has many, many more great novels to read.

6) My favorite ice-cream is Mint Chocolate Chip…my mom buys me a Mint Chocolate Chip ice-cream cake for my birthday every year…can’t get enough of the stuff!

7) And finally, I love touring old houses. My husband and I went on a vacation to tour the old mansions in Newport and it was awesome. I love immersing myself in that old world and imaging what it would have been like to live as a woman in such confining and formal times. If you ever get the chance you should go and take those tours, it is fascinating to see such amazing works of art!

The End…there you go, seven things you didn’t know about me before now.


  1. I went on a total mint chocolate chip ice cream binge this last summer. I discovered Hagen Daz Mint Chocolate Chip, which is delicious. It's white, not green! And I'd put hot fudge topping and peanuts on it. This was my midnight snack while I was writing until four every morning. Deelicious. (and full of calories :-( )


  2. I like the born on the cusp option of choosing from either horoscope. It's always good to have as many options as possible :).

    I've never read Wilkie Collins but will now consider doing so.

    I'll post my seven things you didn't know about me sometime before or during next weekend.

  3. The touring of old houses sounds facinating, I would love to do that. Great post.

  4. LOL, great to have an insight into the writers mindscape. Ice Cream I think is the bane/boon of many an artistic person. I have a real weakness for homemade Ice-cream milkshakes.

    As to H&D I love the Pralines and cream, in B&J's range its the Chocolate Brownie that gets me.

  5. B&J's also has white mint chocolate chip...there's something about the white stuff that makes it seem more intense!

  6. Angela...um, am I late? LOL! I'll have to do mine tomorrow since I blogged twice today. I'm more of a World Class Chocolate kind of girl. It's oh so good!!