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Friday, February 5, 2010


I mentioned in my Seven Things You Didn't Know About Me post that I am superstitious...and even though I know it's foolish, and I have some restrictions (like I'm only superstitious about three things...pennies, umbrellas and ladders) I still can't get rid of that nagging feeling of impending doom when I fail to comply with my superstition.

I also must confess that I have another superstition that I do so often I can't believe I forgot to mention it...I'm a knocker...you know, knocking on wood? Avoiding some bad luck comment from coming true because I tap on some hard wood...foolish, right? Whatever...I do it all the time.

I guess it might be because I have something going on at the moment that would require a bit of luck. Right now my superstition obsession is way up. I just don't want to risk incurring bad luck...just in case such a thing not only exists, but can be manipulated!

I've been more inclined to donate money and do nice things for people lately too...not to say that I'm normally a nasty person...but sometimes I get so caught up in my world of work and whatnot that I forget to share and help when I can. My conscience is unusually strong though and if I think about it at the time and realize I'm being selfish or rude, I try to fix the problem right away. I believe in Karma...seen it backfire too many times not to...what goes around does inevitably come around. Which is why I am trying to be super good.

It's silly really...I do know that it has no basis in fact and that I can't really control my fate, but I suppose in this world of publishing, where very little is in my control, (other than the writing part) it is my way of manipulating things in the only way I can. I guess it is kind of selfish of me to be super-sensitive to others only because I don't want to jinx myself...but it is what it is...at least I'm trying to do good by it!

What about you all, do you have moments of hyper-superstition or karma related activities? Is there something that you really want that would drive you to attempt to manipulate fate? Does your conscience speak louder at certain times?


  1. Happiness itself would tempt us all to manipulate fate, I think.

    I'm not superstitious, but I love superstitions.

    My conscience is a real chatterbox. Should have, would have, could have. But, I do believe in one thing - random acts of kindness. Pass it around and hope it comes back to you. Even without it coming back, random acts just feel good all on their own.

  2. I'm somewhat superstitious. When I knew my daughter would be receiving a job offer, but it hadn't arrived, I refused to tell even my dearest Viking what the job was, lest I jinx her. She got the job and starts on Monday. I also have a lucky mail box and prefer to mail my mss there.

  3. I'm not really superstitious, but I don't believe in tempting fate either. My husband was raised in a culture with a strong believe in the evil eye. You don't talk about good things, because fate might take notice and ruin it for you. You don't buy gifts or name babies before they're born, because you don't want to call the attention of the evil eye of fate. I have a ward hanging by my front door, with little dangly bits to ward off evil from any direction.

    Huh. Maybe I'm superstitious after all! LOL


  4. superstitious are some people who have some type of fear from some thing but actually it didn't exist because it just in the mind of the persons..

    every thing happened due to some external circumstances so every thing is curable..