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Friday, March 19, 2010

Just too much going on right now!

I have a bunch of balls in the air right now and not a lot to report at the moment...I'm hoping that very soon I will have some announcements to make...right now though I'm too anxious to come up with a clever or interesting post. How sad it that?

I hate how stress, even if it's the good kind of stress...the excited kind of stress causes the same physical discomforts as regular, old, crappy, bad kind of stress. I feel my stress in my stomach the most, which leads to a general feeling like I'm going to vomit...vomit with excitement, vomit with worry...whatever, it just makes me feel bad...even if the stress is a result of many possible good things, it still makes me feel sick. I'll tell you all a very funny story soon that involves my dealing with stress and one of the best/worst experiences of my life!

In any case, I have a lot happening but not happening right now...so I'm stressed and I'm waiting.

How do you all deal with your stress? Can you brush it off? Forget about it? Or does it eat at you until you feel it?


  1. When I'm stressed, I can't concentrate on anything of value. Writing is out the window. I try to find really good distractions, usually in the form of a great book or internet play time.

  2. Hi Angela,
    Sorry to hear about the stress. Perhaps a post on how to destress yourself. I thin what I'd suggest would be to get some feel good music, relax in your bedroom and, if possible, have a massage from your partner.

    If not just organise a pamper day, face mask, relaxing music and a foot spa. Wonderful. Oooohhh, and whilst its no for everyone I always like having Lavender Oil in the house. If you're not happy with candles in an oil burner just use hot water out of the kettle.

  3. Stress? I tend to eat. It's a horrible habit that I'm really trying to break, but that's what I do. More effective measures include exercising.

    Good luck, and while the physical effects are the same as bad stress, at least there's the potential for this to turn into something great :)

  4. Falcata ...yes a pamper day...the only problem is all that quiet time would give me lots of time to think and wonder and imagine...and...oh, more stress! I need to keep myself busy which means, I need to dive into my next project...so what am I waiting for already? Get to work!

  5. Stress. The bane of modern existence. Or maybe not so modern. You think the cavemen were stressed, sitting there in the dark and listening to the animals roam outside? Probably. My stress goes right to the muscles of my neck and back. I'm not a stress eater, though, so that's a good thing. My best stress reliever is to put on a DVD of a favorite movie and disappear into another world for awhile. If only THIS one would leave me alone!


  6. Stressssss~ I assume you are waiting for news so I hope it comes soon and is good. My stress often goes into my neck and shoulders, then I get a headache, bodyache too. Ugh!

    Anyway, sometimes I can persuade the Viking to give me a massage with the electric massager and that plus, um, you know, that special kind of TLC brings me total relaxation. Of course it never lasts long - because life is full of stress, but it's lovely while it does.

    Sometimes I play the piano to get my focus elsewhere. I'm not a great player so I have to focus intensely and that occupies my mind.

    Good Luck!


  7. I think I'm so used to stress that I don't notice it on a daily basis anymore. But, when it builds to the boiling point, oh boy!

  8. Meh. I know what you're going through. I have to work hard not to stress out (which is stressful in itself!), but what I find sometimes works is for me to look at each problem/situation separately and plan accordingly. If I do this, I tend to plow through what I need to without tearing my hair out.

    When none of that works, I settle down for beer and chocolate and have a good cry. Haven't done that for a few years though, so I must be getting better, lol.

    Good luck!