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Friday, April 23, 2010

And Finally...the news you've all been waiting for...

Okay everyone, I finally feel like I can give you the news you’ve all been waiting for…sorry to have strung you along for so long…

My balls have dropped and in the end I secured new representation! That’s it! That’s the big news! Yippy!

A while back I posted that I was taking a giant leap of faith which was ending my contract with my current agent.(Although I didn't tell you all that at the time.) Unfortunately, we just didn’t share the same vision for my future work and I knew that in the end, whether I waited or didn’t, we just wouldn’t agree on what I needed or wanted to be writing. So, after discussing it with a lot of people and getting some wonderful advice from an author whom I respect a lot, I did it…I ended the relationship.

It was hard…it was very hard. I really liked my agent; she was the first person to truly believe in my work and paid me a lot of fabulous compliments, but in the end I could see that it just wasn’t going to work out. So I started searching for new representation and boy, let me tell you, it was very stressful.

So, 29 days later, I got another offer and another wonderful agent telling me that I could write…we really clicked actually, had a fabulously long conversation and I accepted her offer. So I’m now represented by Sarah Heller of the Helen Heller Agency and I couldn't be happier.

So I'm working on my new paranormal romance with a light heart, writing what I want to be writing and feeling pretty good actually.


  1. Wonderful news, Angela! Congratulations!

  2. Finally! Can I say I told you so now?

  3. So happy you have found another and better-for-you agent.

  4. That's awesome! It was a brave step--one that paid off well. Congratulations, Angela!

  5. Thanks for the good wishes everyone!

  6. Hi Angela,
    Its something that very few put emphasis upon. When most get representation they don't let others know about their doubts or their fears with the agent and many forget that its so important to know that you're both singing from the same hymn sheet. What you did took courage, it took bravery and perhaps most of all it took a lot of honesty for you to look at things and admit it wasn't right for you.

    Great going.

  7. Congrats! I've heard it's hard to end an author/agent relationship, but sometimes it's for the best. I'm glad you've found someone who shares your vision. Great job!