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Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Wait is Killing Me!!!!

Okay guys...I have some news. It's good news, but I don't feel right about announcing it yet, not until I get an email from a certain person...so I'm stuck waiting.

In my agonizing waiting time I find myself checking my email obsessively...willing that email to come so that I can make my announcement.

Have you been in this position...waiting on an email? Refreshing your screen obsessively in hopes that in that next moment the email you are waiting for will come.

I've tried to distract myself. I have another two WIP on the go...but I can't write all the time...so in between, I check, and recheck...it's maddening!

How do you get through the wait time? What do you do to distract yourself and keep your sanity?


  1. I have SO been there. What do I do? Write silly little stories about it. :)

  2. Waaaaaa! That's a crazy-uncool teaser. I'm going to return that favor. And yes, I've gone nuts waiting for highly anticipated email.

  3. The short fiction markets I submit to are soooo slow and almost always respond by regular mail. I did once get a reply by email to my what happened to the story query. The reply said you're in the running and we should let you know in about a month. Near the end of the month, I finally got the no thanks. It was a strain because the longer I had to wait, the more I thought, gee, they might take it.

    When I have a write-for-hire assignment, I have to check my email pretty obsessively for changes, updates, and the final email that says okay- it's fine, send the invoice, LOL!

  4. I hear you. When I've got fulls out, I spend far too much time checking my emails.

    Good luck on finding that distraction!

  5. I'm with Michelle, when I had requested material out, I was checking email all the time.

    Good luck and can't wait for the announcement!

  6. Good luck and looking forward to your announcement. xx