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Thursday, May 13, 2010

This and That

This has been a busy week for me which unfortunately has stalled my progress on my newest ms. But that's okay, I'll be back in the zone soon, I'm that pumped about this new novel.

I completed the first round of edits on Assassin. Not as painful as I thought it was going to be...perhaps I'm improving...or Donna's help really saved me a lot of work now!

I also have a face to face meeting with my agent on Sunday, which I'm excited about. Excited and nervous. I don't want to make an a** of myself, so hopefully I say only super intellent things and make her fall in love with me and my work ethic!

I've been toying with the idea of posting some excerpts from my urban fantasy. What do you all think? Are excerpts or chapter posts an effective way to interest readers?


  1. Hmmm I know they CAN interest readers, but if the book isn't coming out soon, they can also be forgotten quickly. Since it isn't agent interest you're trying to garner at this point, I'm not sure how much good they'd do. We'd read for sure, but that probably isn't what you're looking for :P

  2. I think it can be a good way to grab interest and pull in readers, but I'd talk it over with your agent first, see what she thinks about it. Maybe she'd even have a suggestion about what you should use for an excerpt.

  3. I would love to read an excerpt, but it depends on who you're posting them for. Talking to the agent is a good idea. I posted an excerpt in lieu of a short story a few weeks ago, but I only blog fiction pieces, so it ties in to what I'm already doing.

  4. If there's a big time lag between the 'teaser' and the arrival of the book, then perhaps it's not the best idea. I hope you ask your agent about it.

  5. Definitely talk to your agent before posting excerpts. Your future publisher might have something to say about it!

    And good luck with your first in person meeting (although by the time you read this, the meeting will be over!)

  6. I agree talk with your agent, although I have no experience with this. x