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Thursday, June 3, 2010

I have a release date!

Assassin is coming out on June 18, at Cobblestone Press.So I thought between now and then I would post a couple of excerpts.

Warning…this novella starts off hot and steamy right away so it’s for mature…and I mean…MATURE audiences only!

You’ve been warned.


My dreams are filled with blood and death and pain. The brutality of my waking existence invades my sleeping thoughts, never granting me peace. It’s a strange comfort in a way to know that when my eyes slide shut, I will see and feel what my victims do: the strangled cries cut off by my sword, the pulsing blood draining from a body. It is my mind’s vengeance for the horror I inflict.

So when I feel the warm breath on my neck, I flinch, and panic seizes my gut as I wait for whatever new hell my sleeping thoughts have conjured. My body tenses, primed and ready to fight. I reach for my weapon, but it is no longer there.
And then he is behind me, his strong, hard body pressed against the length of me. I take in his smell, deeply inhaling his musk, and my muscles relax. I know that smell, I know that body.

His breath is on my neck again, soft lips brush my shoulder, a sharp scrape slides along my jugular, all so familiar.

“Mine.” He growls, sending shivers down my body to the growing, pulsing need in my core. I am wet for him, my skin aches for his touch. My body coils, ready, waiting, pulsing.

His hand slips around my waist as his lips continue to press tender kisses along my neck. I can do nothing but lean my weight into him. My legs have grown useless, no longer willing to support my body. His other hand moves up my arm, his fingers trailing along my collarbone until he slides his hand past the low neckline of my shirt, gliding over my skin until he is cupping my breast, his strong hand molding to it in a way that suggests possession.

A moan escapes my lips, and I roll my head to the side, giving his lips better access to the tender flesh of my neck. So vulnerable and yet I don’t care. He is not a threat to me, that I know for certain.

His hand on my waist moves lower, snaking down to pop the button of my jeans, effortlessly slipping beneath to tease the lace of my panties with his strong, expert touch. My stomach clenches with excited anticipation as his fingers probe through the nest of silky hair until they find their target.

It’s his turn to groan. His kisses grow more fierce as he feels how wet I am for him. He pushes his cock against my ass, and I can feel it pulsing and hard, growing more rigid with his excitement.

As he pumps me with his fingers, his palm cupping and rubbing my clit, his other hand keeps busy tugging and teasing my nipple until I am ready to scream, until I am ready to explode. And then I feel it again, a sharp scrape along my jugular.

“Assassin.” He growls as he sinks his fangs into my neck, and all that I dream disappears into a hazy cloud of exquisite pain.


  1. Congrats Angela! I'm lovin it so far. :)

  2. Wow! Steamy! The language is wonderfully evocative as well. I Can't wait to read the rest!

  3. Whoa, sexy! I'm fanning myself to cool down. Very well writen, and very exciting about the release date!

  4. Ang,
    I've not read the excerpt as I'm saving myself for the full carte blanche.

    Best of luck with the publishing date and remember to make a special day of it.

  5. Sounds great!

    amysmith98 @ gmail.com

  6. Oh my...I love a take charge kind of man! This is a very steamy snippet and I'm now wide awake and energized. Thank you for this great treat!

    joderjo402 AT gmail DOT com

  7. Wow loved the Excerpt. Congrats on the release date :)!

    Pam S

  8. Gives me chills, this is one I am eager to read!
    Debra Simning

  9. wow, that's smokin hot. Enjoyed the excerpt. :)


  10. Oh god, I love the bite scenes!! it's what a vamp story is all about.

  11. ::huge grin::
    I LOVE this opening! Especially that last line! Congrats on the release date!