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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why I love my ereader!

Yes, I'm back from the revision cave! I've made it through with a brand new, totally revised manuscript that is currently with my agent. Fingers crossed that she likes it.

Anyway, I thought I would do a short post on my amazing pre-Christmas gift that my husband bought for me and I had to have before the 25th: my Kobo.

I convinced my husband that I needed to open it immediately and start downloading books because I wanted to make sure it worked ;) In the two weeks I've had it I've discovered my love for ereaders! So I thought I would give you my top five reasons why I think you all need an ereader.

1. I can buy books anytime, practically anywhere! That's right, I don't have to wait for the bookstore to open in the morning; as soon as I finish one book I can download the next! Pretty darn convenient! (And possibly deadly expensive, but that's another issue altogether - don't give a book junkie accessibility to books at all hours of the day!)

2. The books at Kobo and other sites are cheaper than in the book store. It's just a few dollars but sometimes there are sales and you can really get great deals.

3. I've found back listed books that I haven't been able to get in the stores! I can fill in the gaps in some of the series that I'm reading! As well, I've found free books put out by some of my fav authors who give back stories to some of their characters - pretty cool!

4. It's super light and easy to carry around in my purse and no one knows what I'm reading! Some of the novels I read, especially the romances, have some pretty graphic covers but with my ereader, no one has to know what I'm currently reading so I can bring whatever I want out with me.

5. People are very interested in it...usually I'm not the most social of people when out in public but I've had a few really interesting conversations with strangers about the merits of ebooks and ereading which is great since I am currently published in the e-world.

Sure there are some downsides to an ereader like not being able to loan books to my friends or having a solid copy of a book in my hands - oh and that book smell - I really do love that book smell. But for the sheer convenience factor I give my Kobo a double thumbs up!


  1. You are such a cheater, making him give it to you early! ;)

    Good luck with the agent and enjoy your Christmas!

  2. That's evil but hey, think of how disappointed he would be if you got it at Christmas and it didn't work. At least this way you know that it does. LOL

  3. I see your husband read my list. ;)

  4. Great tips on the Kobo. I've been thinking about one, but haven't decided yet. I still love the feel of a book in my hands and the smell. Good luck with your agent. I hope this time she loves it!! :)

  5. Yet another reason why I need a husband :P I had to buy my own e-reader :D I love your logic in convincing him to give it to you early, lol.

    I opted for a Kindle and so far we are very happy together.

  6. LOL I HAVE a husband and I bought my own e-reader :P I still love paper books, but I love my e-reader too. All books are real books :)

  7. I opened a Kobo for Christmas as well, and I'm really enjoying it. My main pro (and the reason I really wanted an e-reader) - to read all the good stuff coming from those e-first publishers! I think it will also be really nice for travel too, so I won't have to have a suitcase full of books like usual. But I'm not giving up real books either. ;)