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Friday, February 4, 2011

Suspension of Disbelief and the Big O

I was reading a thread on a Writer’s forum a couple of weeks ago where there was a debate raging about what is realistic when it comes to how many times a woman (or man) can orgasm in a love scene. The author who started the thread was concerned that she was doing something wrong by having her hero and heroine reach fulfillment so many times in a row.

Now, I read a lot of romance…a lot…and I have to say that one of the most consistent features that I really find necessary to a satisfying end is the multiple orgasm. Is it realistic? No. I don’t know many women (definitely no men – sorry guys) who can orgasm three, four, sometimes five times in a single session of making love. Perhaps it’s because I read a lot of paranormal romance – the men and women there tend to be otherworldly and therefore have been gifted with more stamina and super abilities when it comes to sex.

I’ve been guilty of it myself in my short stories – what’s the point in having a sex scene when all you get out of it is one final bang? It’s way more exciting to have a rolling continuum of satiation.

It requires suspension of disbelief (so it can't be too unrealistic) and I think it’s mandatory when one is reading a romance. I mean, the whole genre is begging you to enter a fantasy world (whether you’re reading paranormal, contemporary, historical, whatever) so what’s a few extra orgasms thrown in?

What do you all think? How many O’s are too many O’s?


  1. Quite a question, I think this is why I enjoyed The Watchmen when NightOwl 2 shall we say delivered a lot earlier than expected during their first love session.

    Add to this the fact that sex is wrapped up in so much myth and it does leave you wondering if the Multiple O is as easy to find in reality as the Unicorn.

    Whilst I don't have a problem with the use of multiple Big O's in fiction, I think that the amount of sessions per book should be limited. After all lets face it Anita "The Mattress" Blake seems to have so many (and so much) that its a surprise that she has any feeling left let alone that she's not trackable by the slug trail that she leaves.

    Oh wait, I forgot she carries some wipes to freshen up. Like thats going to do much.

  2. OMG! I love Gareth's comment! I agree, it's fine to have multiple orgasms in one or two scenes (depending on how many are in the book), but sometimes it gets out of hand. To me, the fun of a sex scene is the build-up, foreplay, and what-have-you. The extra O's are just a bonus, but don't over due them.

  3. I know, Gareth's comment is too funny - I was laughing for a while after reading it!

  4. oh, hard question... cause.. I don't read romance. :) Interesting question though.

    Gareth... LOL... yeah, I'm giggling. Thanks!


  5. I've tried so hard to expel those wipes from my mind...

    From a non-romance-fan point of view, I don't think there's any one answer to the original question. For me, I love a good solid story with paranormal elements. If there's good sex, great! If there's no sex, great! It seems to me that there's room for everything in between--from the "abstinence porn" of YA, to UF with less focus on sex to heavy heat romance (with the magical rolling Os I'll skim through, but appreciate that others like).