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Friday, May 6, 2011

How The Voice Reminds Me of Publishing

As promised, I've drawn a winner from last weeks comments (well, actually my daughter pulled the name out of a hat) and the winner is: Falcata Times! Congratulations! Send me a quick email at angelaaddams@live.ca so I can get you your copy!

I have to admit, although I'm not a huge tv watcher - I've recently discovered a new show that really caught my attention for a while - The Voice - a competition type show where music industry hotshots pick from a group of singers to vie for the coveted superstar status of their mentors - the catch is that the coaches/mentors can't see the singers when they are auditioning - it's called a blind audition - no judging based on looks!

The reason why I found this so interesting is that it's a lot like the publishing industry. Writers who are looking for representation go through a similar "blind audition" when they send off their multiple query letters and sample pages, being judged for their writing talent and potential as opposed to their personality and looks. Everyone has a shot as long as they can write, just like on the show.

What really struck me was the idea that out of the 32 hopefuls, only one will actually get a recording contract even though they are all very talented. It's an interesting parallel to all of the writers out there who are after the same prize - getting a publishing contract.

I wonder if viewers would be interested in a competition where writers pitched their work to agents or publishers. On second thought, probably not - it wouldn't be as exciting - although it might be interesting for someone to put together a documentary on a writer's path to publication. I know I would watch it.

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  1. It could be interesting Angela. However as you may be aware a lot of writers don't have the trait to get up there and sell the hell out of thier work. They find it hard, they find it difficult and I suspect that's why they love the agent.

    Creating the original script is the hardest thing but when you have to sell it, lets just say thats why I suspect that the blind viewing is utlised by Agents and publishers. LOL

  2. Well, I already have a copy of Ghost Bride that I'm trying to find time to read. I started... and alas life got in the way, so I'm not entering the contest.
    But, as for the Voice, I enjoyed it as well. I only watch a couple of shows on tv. Not a big tv fan. I'm def a movie addict though.
    Competition for writers... haha! Good one Angela... don't we have enough on our plates??? But it would make for some interesting comments and feedback from the judges... hehe! :)

  3. I also have a copy, waiting for me to read so ditto to Pat. I kinda thought it was sad that the only way to give some people a chance was to NOT see them. Great message? I dunno, jmo. I much prefer the writing world where I, and everyone else, can pretend I'm uber gorgeous. If you believe it, it's not a lie. lol!