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Friday, May 27, 2011

Stupid People and Other Things

Even though I'm not at work right now (maternity leave) I do hear a lot about what is happening there and I still get really stressed out about some of the stupid crap people do. I can't stand stupid people - I have very little time for them and even less patience. I especially hate stupid people who have no ability to self-reflect and therefore do not know that they are, in fact, stupid.

I'm not talking about arrogant people - you know, the ones who think they're good but aren't - I'm talking about the ones that people say are "so nice" or "super sweet" and therefore can get away with a ton of crap on that excuse alone. I know it was a stupid mistake but he meant well...grrrrr!

Okay, so now that I've gotten that out of my system on to other things. I've finished my latest draft of my rewrite and I feel really great about it. It's with a couple of beta's right now and there's still some editing to do but all in all I feel that it has vastly improved.

And, there's one week left in this month's contest for an e-copy of Ghost Bride - all you have to do is leave a comment any time this month and you're entered to win.


  1. LOL, try not to let it stress you Ang, in life theres too many people that fall into the catagory stated above. I had one in the post office ahead of me that swore that they had a package for him, was getting irate and waving his card about. The card eventually when he handed it over, the lady on the counter had to explain that it was months out of date.

    Some people really are stupid.

  2. I feel your pain. Congrats on finishing the rewrite, though!

  3. You're a new mommy, you can rant about any darn thing you like. ;) Congrats on the rewrite, and I hope to god you get time to sleep on occasion. :)