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Thursday, September 15, 2011

What would you sacrifice for love?

So, a couple of weeks ago I mentioned a movie that I really love called Kissed. Now, Kissed is a love story, but it’s not the conventional type of love story. In fact, most people would think it very disturbing and downright offensive. It does contain sensitive issues and is not for the conservative types. But I’m not going to talk about the plot of the movie again, instead I want to focus on the theme of the movie: Sacrifice.

What are you willing to sacrifice for love?

I find some of the most romantic plots carry with them the theme of making the ultimate sacrifice. What I find most romantic is whether or not the hero is willing to die for his true love. Romeo and Juliet had it. Beauty and the Beast had it. Kissed had it (big time).

Every time I read or watch a plot unfold that carries with it this battle I find myself thinking, holy cow, it must be love if he is willing to die for his one and only. Now, is this a little juvenile? Perhaps. Is it twisted? Yes, maybe. But there’s a reason why this theme is perpetuated and spans centuries – people eat it up.

There’s something so…utterly romantic about a man who is willing to give up his life for a woman…which is so bizarre because if he dies then what is left? A broken woman with no hope of repair. It doesn’t make sense, I know this, and yet I totally love this kind of story. I mean, usually the hero doesn’t die, but it’s the fact that he’s willing to that gives me the warm and fuzzies.

Am I twisted? Is this a wacky expectation of romance? What do you all think? What would you sacrifice for love?


  1. Ur a nutter. lol! It's technically only romantic when there is no other alternative and it's truly a case of one over the other. What i think is even MORE romantic, when they die with each other. Over the cliff baby! ;P

  2. I find it more romantic when there could be another solution but they don't see it that way.

    So Thelma and Louise, Tammy!!!

  3. Well, I'll be alone on my island and say this: I've never, ever seen love long last enough to sacrifice someone's life for it. It might be romantic, but I doubt anyone would do it in real life (except kamikaze, but I consider them insane anyway). Yay! I'm the boring, unromantic one today - it goes well with the rain:)

  4. That's okay Anne...that's why I'm the romance writer ;-)

  5. Is love that simple? Even romantic love?

    One dying for another he/she can no longer possess because they're too wimpy to carry on and rebuild their life? Misunderstandings a la Romeo and Juliet at least leave you with sympathy for the characters, even if you are thinking like Homer Simpson all the way through, "Doh!"

    No love lasting long enough to die for? In the news I see couples in their Eighties celebrating their Adamantium wedding anniversary they've been together so long. It can happen.

    Best romance I ever saw... In the UK it was released as Betty Blue (original French).


    She looses their baby, and the loss tears her apart She's institutionalised and faces a lifetime doped on drugs, having been a wildly passionate and free willed spirit. So he kills her, so she won't have to face, what would be for her, such a tortuous existence. That's how to you do true love with sacrifice.


  6. Excellent TJ... I think you *get* it! lol

  7. There's a sad kind of beauty to a love worth dying for. When the hero sacrifices himself, he leaves his lover to live alone (I mean, can she really take up with anyone else after the hero sacrifices himself??)to wait until the hereafter to be reunited. The situation would leave the reader hoping for the same thing. I know I would.

    After being married for almost 25 years, I know my husband wouldn't think twice about sacrificing himself for me. Sounds corny, I know, but he's a stubborn, protective and old-fashioned Irishman! That's why he's my hero! And why I put up with his pigheadedness....in a way that's my sacrifice for love! LOL! ;)

  8. To be honest whilst I can enjoy the story (I really liked PS I Love you) I'm in Anne's Camp.

    I think that because its so rare and something we all long for, that's why we, as you said, "Eat it up."

    Four little letters to sum up an emotion seems insufficient to be honest and I do wonder how much of it was poets wanting to get into some ladie's lingerie that originally sold the impossible. After all if you look at a lot of the classics, they were sold to people on the premise of a love that we all should know that few do. Must have been a great way to sell things to the lady of the manor who married for either alliance, money or power in some deal for her father/brother/husband.

  9. Love is about sacrificing your needs to someone else's. I'd pick going over the cliff together, but somebody has to stay behind to feed the kids. I'd toss myself in front of a train for them. I guess having children chains you to this realm, so my fate has been determined.

  10. Hello everybody,

    While not ordinarily a romance guy when it comes to literature, I have been in love for over 16 years (to the same girl, even) and I am firmly in the love-is-awesome camp.

    I've never been put in the position of needing to sacrifice myself for my wife. I'm really glad of that because it sounds awful. If I ever were to find myself in that position, I'm certain I would. I'm certain she would too, which makes it even more groovy.

    I know that love can die screaming. It can also start hanging out with the wrong crew and go stupid. When healthy, true love is the best thing in the world.

    I'd like to express my gratitude to Angela for the thought provoking and excellently written post.

    Gratitude also to the folks who contributed to the conversation by sharing quality comments.

  11. Lovin' all the answers by everyone. Brought a smile to my face. Great topic Ang. I would give up a lot for true love, but I'm in the Anne camp...sounds kind of kamikaze to me too. Or just lots of drugs. Plus like Di said, kids keep you grounded. LOL :)