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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The One and Only Book Review

Okay, so I don't normally do book reviews on my blog, but I recently read a collection of short stories by a new writer friend of mine and just had to share.

Tales From a North Shore (Volume 1) by J. Thorn is a selection of some pretty awesome stories. From the psychologically horrific, to introspective, to paranormal and downright spiritual (in a cool way), Thorn manages to dabble expertly in all. His words are lyrical...seriously...as I was reading I could hear a soundtrack for each story. In fact, Thorn has recorded a reading of one of his stories from this collection here (the background music is none other than NIN...my favourite band--click on the Hearts of Ochre vid ;-)

This is an author to keep an eye on, folks...his voice will pull you in and enthral you. I highly recommend checking him out...and checking back in here cause in a couple of weeks I'll be interviewing Thorn, an interview that will have you equally as enthralled.


  1. will have to check this out! love it when I can hear a song while reading :)

  2. Hi Angie. So glad you're not dead anymore, in fact you look quite well preserved on Twitter...

    Thorn's book certainly sounds intriguing, it's nice to know lyrical prose isn't dead either. I'll certainly check out the interview when you post it...

  3. Thanks for the Rec Angie. When I get time I'll look into things. Currently a little swamped.