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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Sweetest Dream

I overheard a conversation the other day that got me thinking. It was a conversation about some Oprah book...something about a Secret...something about the power of positive thinking...I'm sure many of you know what I'm talking about. I haven't read the book, but I understand enough about the principle to get by.

Now, I tend to be a glass is half empty kind of gal...some might say pessimist...realist...whatever...when I focus on myself, I usually veer toward the negative. I can be the biggest cheerleader for everyone else but deep down, for me, I'm usually expecting the worse...it's hard to be disappointed in people that way. Not great, I know.

This conversation I overheard got me thinking about my sweetest dream as writer...I desperately desire to hold my own book in my hand one day...like a paperback...(or hardcover) copy of my own written word. My journey toward this dream has been a slow one and at times (especially lately) I've gotten pretty disheartened, despite the progress I've made. I've seen so many of my writer friends get their own books in print...tucked back my jealousy at seeing their hands curled around those precious copies...all the while longing for it to happen to me.

I'm not one to buy into pseudo-psychology mumbo jumbo...I don't read self-help books or "secret" Oprah picks...but I will tell you something...that conversation reminded me that sometimes you've got to take a chance and put yourself out there...sometimes you've got to give yourself over to the positive side.

So...I've got this dream to hold a printed copy of my own book in my hand one day and from this moment on that is the only reality I am thinking of.

 It. Is. Going. To. Happen.

 I promise you that.


  1. <3 It definitely will <3

    Plus, the glass is not half-empty. It just has room for vodka. *nods*

  2. It'll happen Angie, you'll do it.

    You WILL!!!

  3. I'm sure it will (and I've read your work, as well). Talent and persistence always prevail.

    Maybe there is a dash of luck here or there that affects timing.

    But persistence is always inevitable.

  4. Great dream Angie. Remember if they could do it so can you :) Realist or not, having your mind set in the right direction can do wonders.

  5. It's the unmeasurable factor that gets frustrating. On most journeys, you have some idea about how close you are to the finish line. Maybe you can't see it, but it's going to happen.

  6. I'm one of those annoying glass half-full kinda girls (most days). You focus on that image, Angie. I totally believe it will happen for you.

  7. First I wish you every success, by yesterday. I know you really don't like compliments, and then you post this. What's an online friend supposed to do?

    OK, suppose there's this writer of romantic/paranormal/erotic fiction who is NOT Angela Addams. Right? Say she is articulate, intelligent, has insight into people and characters, imagination, and the ability to plan out a gripping plot. Plus she has tenacity and courage, and lots of friends in the same boat who are rooting for her to succeed. I'd give her more than even odds of succeeding. And if the Powers That Be are favouring some other fad or fashion at the moment? She *may* think about self-publishing, eventually, maybe, at some point.

    It would be a shame if people did not get to read some of the great stories this completely fictitious person who bears no resemblance to anyone, living or dead, can write. *Shakes some bones, waves around some cards with pretty pictures on them, stares at tea leaves and some odd bits of animal entrail* Nope, told me nothing. None of it matters, because I know what this completely fictional character would be like if they were to be incarnated as a real person. Smells like an author-in-print-in-waiting to me...

  8. Of course you'll get there. You're far too talented not to. And however long it takes, just know this: when it happens, it'll be something that makes all the times you felt disheartened or pissed off at the world, seem worth it.

  9. Thanks, you guys...I'm lucky to have found such a supportive group of people!

  10. Best of luck with your dream Angie but the point is that you're working towards it. Theres no point like some do of wishing that they'd win the lottery when they don't do it.

    Writing is a beast that you're always learning how to handle. Yet time and again you're persistantly getting your stories done and out there. So with each successive story you're one step closer to your goal.

    Yes its a case of hoping that it ends up on the right persons desk at that magical time but by doing, you're one of the ones that increases your chances. Great stuff, keep plugging and all the best.

  11. You can do it!!!!!!!!!!!


  12. It definitely will! Keep that motivation strong, and keep writing!