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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Guest Post: Interview with Darke Conteur

      When I discovered that my author friend, Darke Conteur was a practicing Wiccan, I couldn't help but be intrigued. I'm not a religious person (at all), I'm not spiritual either, but I always have been fascinated by Wicca and thought this would be a great opportunity to explore it from a more personal perspective. 

1)   When did you first discover Wicca?

It was about a year after my son was born. My neighbour had some crystals and a small book on
what they were and what they did. I found it all fascinating and was thrilled to learn that she bought
them from a store in town. It was an occult store and when I checked it out I discovered a whole 
book section on Wicca. So I bought one! 

2)   What compelled you to follow that religion?

While I was reading the book I bought, I felt as though many of the things they talked about; many of the things Wiccans (and to a greater extent, Pagans) revered, were the same with me. I can't really put it into words, only that it felt like I was 'home'. I've never been a follower of Christianity, not even when I was a child (and my grandfather was an Anglican minister). Wicca, and the Pagan path felt 'right', comfortable. I don't know of any other way to explain it. It was if everything I believed in about life, the world around me, was echoed in this belief. 

3)   Do you find that there’s a stigma attached to practicing Wicca?

The only stigma that I've come across, is from people don't think of it as a form of belief. They think it's some kind of 'fad' for young teen girls who've watched Charmed or Buffy or read too many fantasy books, so when they come across an adult who practices, they figure we're just being silly. My mother asked me when I first started learning, if I was doing it for shock value.

 4)   Does your faith influence your writing? 

Very much so, but I think that's something that happens with all writers. Some form of our belief is embedded within all our books, because our beliefs are a part of us; a deep part. Just like our writing. I think they come from the same place, actually.

 5)   Do you get angry or frustrated by how traditional “witches” are portrayed in media and even literature?

Yes and no. I love the imagination that comes with the literary and Hollywood portrayals, but it also adds to the stigma. I'd love to be able to ride a broomstick or use Floo powder or be able to use a power to fight evil, or recite an incantation and have something wonderful happen, but that's just fantasy. Real magic doesn't happen instantaneously, and it takes a while to learn how to do it right. I guess that's what makes it such a draw for readers.       

To learn more about Darke, check her out here:



  1. Thank you for having me on your blog! :)

  2. This post really rang true with me. It's the same sort of reaction I got when I told my family about my beliefs. I really understand the sense of "home" that's described here. Really enlightening chat!