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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Finding Cupid's Arrows Blog Hop

So Valentine’s Day…ugh…not a holiday I particularly cherish. It’s too pink for me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the chocolate that typically comes with the day but all that lovely dovey stuff gets a little noxious and seems so…put on?

To me, romance doesn’t just happen one day of the year, and even though I write erotic romance where everything is hot, heavy and all tied up into a neat little bow by the end, real life and real love isn’t always pink.

As I’ve mentioned in past posts, I’m not the most romantic of folks. I don’t ewwww and awww over flowers (actually, I hate getting flowers) and jewelry.  I don’t like the gushy bad poetry that flies around all over the place. I’m not into teddy bears or other cutie things. If my husband ever posted a sappy love note to me on FB I would barf and then kill him. I understand that some women love that kinda thing but that’s not what romance is to me.

Recently, my hubs and I were having a conversation about a situation at work that I was dealing with. I was very upset that I wasn’t getting support about a really important issue. 

Me: “I just don’t understand why they won’t stand up and fight along side me. It’s important for us all to stand strong.”

Hubs: “Because they are all cowards, Angie. And you, are not.”

I swear, those words actually had me tearing up a bit, (I didn’t let on of course cause I’m a tough lady) but his support, at that moment, was exactly what I needed to hear and those words were the epitome of romantic to me. He gets me. That’s better than bad poetry, ugly roses, expensive jewelry, maybe even chocolate (gasp) and corny posts on my FB timeline.

So there you go, another anti-romance, romance post.

In the name of anti-romance, romance, I’m giving away a copy of my Cupid’s Conquest novella, Going the Distance. All you have to do is leave a comment and your email to be entered to win. I’ll randomly draw the winner next week.

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