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Sunday, September 1, 2013

How I am Like a Cat.

No, I don't drink milk out of a bowl or barf (sporadically and for no reason) on everything remotely important or of value. I don't pee in kitty litter or shed...oh wait, I do shed a bit. When I say I'm like a cat it's more referring to the fact that I am a Leo...at least half of me is. Born on a cusp (we're talking sun signs here) I share some pretty confusing and conflicting traits between two signs that are quite different. I'm a wicked little bundle of battling character traits...if you know anything about astrology, finding out that I'm on the Cancer/Leo cusp should tell you about the hell that is me and the war that thrives in my head on a daily basis.

I was reading an article the other day about Leos and how we like to chase. The metaphor that was used likened Leos to playful kittens (with a ferocious bite at times) who will go for that dangling string over and over and over, without taking into consideration who or what is holding that string. It means that Leos can be teased by the right kind of person. A master manipulator who knows just what kind of string to dangle.

I have a degree in psychology and I know how astrology, in many ways, conflicts with the scientific approach contained there. In many ways they're compatible though. I have totally fallen for the string chase throughout my life. Temptation, competition, whatever you want to call it, if the string suits me and it's dangling with the smallest chance that it's in my ability to catch, I'll go for it. And go for it. And go for it. To the point of madness I think. I've been badly hurt because of this. I've cried. I've gotten depressed and yet I keep on chasing.

When I read that article it was a good reminder that if I'm after that string, it means that I'm not in control and that's okay as long as I'm enjoying the chase. As long as it's not bringing me down. As long as it's not boring me either. (There needs to be some element of success to keep the chase going...but that's a whole other blog post.)

This applies to many aspects of my life but in particular writing and publishing. I see a lot of my writer friends getting down lately over various aspects of pursuing publication. Whether it be rejection or writer's block or a bad review, they're beating themselves up and letting it get to them. Don't get me wrong, none of those things is really great to deal with.  I guess I just wanted to remind those folks that you can treat it like a game in some ways. The thrill of the chase, that's what it should be all about. You work hard, you hone your skill, you send out those queries and you keep chasing, but you've got to be enjoying it or there's no point. It's something I forget sometimes. We do this because we love writing. The publishing side of things should not define us, it should inspire us and keep us chasing.


  1. And funny how cats leave their dead prey to rot in the sun, once the chase is over and they've won...

  2. I think that the chase is what killed my love. One can only do so many laps before realizing they aren't going to win.

  3. An insightful post, Angie. There are always aspects of getting noticed, whether by publishers or readers, that we cannot control. Sometimes it's impossible to say why some books succeed while others fail to garner any interest.

    Now I've been writing longer, I'm staying focused on enjoying the craft. Any interest in my work above that is a very welcome bonus.