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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Newsletter Signup Party!!

I'm liking the newsletter thing a lot. So much that I want more people to sign up for it. I've decided to have a NEWSLETTER SIGNUP PARTY!!

What's that? Well, I'm going to have a two part contest.

Part 1: You sign up for my newsletter HERE and you're automatically entered to win a $25 Amazon gc (those of you already signed up are automatically in the draw)

The winner will be randomly chosen and announced in my August 1 newsletter.

Part 2: In the August 1 newsletter will be a new contest! You'll find a rafflecopter link to enter to win a prize pack with a bunch of cool goodies, including a signed paperback copy of Wolves' Bane, a limited edition Order of the Wolf keychain, magnets, stickers and more!

Great idea, right? I thought so ;-) 

Sign up for the NEWSLETTER, get a chance to win some cool stuff! Yay! 

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