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Friday, February 26, 2016

And so it ends...

Well, my beloved publisher is closing. With the way life has been kicking me in the balls lately, I can't say I'm totally surprised. Not that I think my colossal bad luck as of late has anything to do with Samhain closing (but gosh is it very weird how crappy things have been).

I've gained a lot from my experiences working with Samhain and I've grown as a writer. I've made great friends, including my amazing editor Holly Atkinson. I've travelled to my first conference and had my first book signing. I've been able to hold my actual books in my hands! It's been amazing.

It was always on my bucket list to write for Samhain and I achieved that goal a few times over. While this is the end of things in one regard, it's only the beginning in many others.

So, I might be a bit silent on here as I sort things out and regroup but I will continue to send out my newsletter each month.

Thanks for the support...and if you're interested in buying my books...they're limited edition now so I'd get on that asap. ;-)

Bye for now.

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