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Saturday, February 17, 2018

Burning Kiss is up for PREORDER!!

Rehabilitation doesn’t work. Prison therapist, Jade Harris, learns this firsthand after one of her paroled patients came looking for her, only to find her best friend instead. Driven by rage, Jade sets out to hunt down potential predators, baiting them into attacking her, and then ensuring they’ll never rape again.

Fighting the lure of her own demons, Jade finds herself sucked into a gruesome murder investigation that drags her back to the grounds of her old university. There’s a man hunting women on campus the police have no real leads, but Jade doesn’t have to play by the rules. And she knows just how to entice a predator.

Trapped in a triangle of toxic lust, driven by her need for retribution, Jade will risk not only her life, but the obliteration of her sanity, in her quest to take back the night.

WARNING: Jade is ruthless and daring. She will make you squirm. She will make you doubt. Whether you trust her or not is up to you, but she’s going to make you question everything you think you know about justice. Contains explicit adult content, graphic depictions of rape and other violent crimes, psychological mind games, and vigilante justice.

That's right, I've ventured into the world of dark erotic suspense! Burning Kiss is all about vigilante justice delivered by a kick ass femme fatale and it's up for preorder now! But you won't have to wait long to get your reading on...it's coming out March 13!

Get your copy preordered now!

An unpredictable thrill ride of supercharged eroticism. This Burning Kiss smoulders on long after you've turned the last page! - Reading Fashionista

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