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Friday, December 28, 2018

Another Year Gone By

2018 was a year of resolution for me. Not like New Year's resolutions where you say you're going to start exercising and quit eating cake but instead gain twenty pounds and eat ALL the cake ALL the time. I mean resolution as in, I resolved some things and I'm slowly moving forward.

The first resolution for me relates to my health. The last three years have been...well...not very good health-wise. I've had multiple E.R. visits and so many doctor's appointments it isn't funny. I've also had two surgeries and a whole lot of pain. As this year closes, I'm happy (and a little cautious) to say that things are looking good. My last surgery appears to have been successful and I'm slowly regaining my strength and stamina.

My day job related resolution actually closes a lot of turmoil I had about my job. Over the years I faced a lot of frustration and anger at the workload and the stress that came with it. I kept having to make constant choices over dividing my time between writing and doing overtime day job work. Overworking actually contributed to some of my health issues as well. In April last year I applied for a new job, one that really suited me and that I wanted for a long time. Much to my surprise, I got it! It's a three-four year contract in the same profession but with very different day-to-day activities. It's giving me a chance to learn a lot and it's also helping me reset and renew my passion for my career.

With regards to writing, resolution came in the form of acceptance.  After my publisher closed and I got picked up by a new one, I was a little lost. I was writing a lot but those projects were sitting on my hard drive because I wasn't sure what to do with them. There was a period of time where I was stuck in publishing limbo. This year I got my shit together and released three books.

Burning Kiss

The Witches of White Willow

AND Feral Heart

I'm really proud of that. After all the ups and downs I've had with regards to my publishing career, getting the ball rolling again feels great. It wasn't all a cake walk, lots of hard work went into getting those books out but it's been very worth it.

I've also written four new books this year, and you'll be seeing the fruits of my labor in 2019.

I got to do an event with my long-time writing friend Krista Walsh which was a lot of fun. (And also a great learning experience where public readings are concerned.) Once again Forster's Book Garden hosted me. Their support over the past few years has been totally amazing.

All in all, 2018 was very busy and when I look back at all the things that happened I wonder how I managed it all. Looking forward to 2019, I know I'll be working just as hard because I have many things planned that will continue to move me forward. Where 2018 was about resolution, 2019 will be about moving on with strength and peace of mind and hopefully a whole lot of success. 

I wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for sharing this journey with me!

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