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Thursday, December 12, 2019

Keep me Wanting is up for Preorder!

All I’ve ever tried to do is keep the people in my life safe. That’s gotten me into hot water more times than I can count. Hell, the last time got me four years behind bars.

So when my favorite barista tells her mom that I’m her boyfriend to stop the woman’s endless criticism, I can’t stop myself from helping her out. But she’s too innocent and I’m too damaged for this to ever be the real deal.

I can’t allow myself to touch her, not when making her mine will drag her into my world and drown her in my messed up life. What I really need to do is stay away.

Except every touch and every accidental kiss breaks my control. I want her.

Then I find out her dad is the detective who put me away...and he’s trying to take down my family.

I don’t blame him. The secrets I’m keeping are big enough to destroy everything.

I'm so excited to be able to share not only the cover but the blurb as well for Keep me Wanting!

This book is has been an adventure from start to finish and I'm so proud of the end result. The release date is set for February 10, 2020 (*new date) and you can preorder your copy below.

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