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Monday, March 30, 2020

Things I Put in my Mouth Part 4

I thought I'd found a wine that I could buy endlessly and love no matter what kind it was.

But I was wrong.

I really do love the Bodacious whites but this one is not my favourite at all. It wasn't terrible but it was too dry and not sweet enough for me. It did go well with turkey dinner and I did drink the entire bottle eventually, so nothing went to waste but I won't likely be buying this one again. I'll stick to the smooth white or the Pinot Grigio.

I did, however, find a wine that I do love, almost as much as the Bodacious smooth white.

Pepperwood Grove is super delicious. It's a little bit sweet and definitely light. There's no weird aftertaste either. I do quite like California wines, both red and white, so this isn't a total surprise to me. Bodacious is cheaper though, so I'll likely stockpile that instead.

I feel satisfied that I've now found two white wines that are just as good or maybe better than what I remember of the wine I had over Christmas. I still do want to go to the wineries in Niagara to do a little taste testing but, as we all know, that won't be happening anytime soon.

I'm taking a break from the wine drinking for a bit. I definitely don't want to come out of this world of isolation with a dependancy on white wine. After my mini-booze break, I'll share some of my favourite whiskey and Scotches.

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