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Monday, April 13, 2020

Things I Put in my Mouth Part 5

Okay, I lied, I totally drank more wine. I thought I needed a break but I didn't! lol

I have two more bottles of new-to-me wine to share.

Once again, a California wine pleases my tastebuds. Smoking Loon is a really tasty wine. It's sweet, and by now you should know that I like that, but not too sweet. I found it light and fruity too. It paired well with my Wunderbar which is always a good thing.

This one was a no for me. My husband and I both reacted the same way....too tart! It tastes like sour apples which is fine when you're eating turkey dinner to kill a bit of the sour taste but otherwise, no. I like a wine I can sip without having to eat anything with it. This one needs an accompaniment which may not be a problem for some people but that's not me. I hate to admit it but the bottle didn't even make it back into the fridge, it's sitting on the table still and that's never a good sign.

This was the last of my white wine taste-testing splurge bottles. I enjoyed this little experiment and I'm satisfied that I've found some pretty great wines that I can stockpile for the upcoming weeks of isolation.

Somehow with all this drinking, I've managed to get a lot of writing work done too. Stay tuned for my next book release in a couple of weeks.

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