Forever My Cowboy
by Angela Addams
Forever My Cowboy
2020 Totally Bound Publishing.
ASIN: B08839F912
She has always loved her cowboy, but, to keep
him, she’ll have to show the world her heart.

Colton and Steph have been a thing since high
school. Colton, a cowboy who stubbornly tends to
his family’s horse ranch, likes a simple life. Steph,
now a famous Hollywood star, likes things with a
little more flash and bang. The two of them couldn’
t be any more different and yet, when they come
together, it’s an explosion of lust that rivals the
intensity of a flame to gasoline.

Steph gets away as often as she can, visiting Colton
between movies she’s working on, and Colton is
always there waiting for her. She has put her career
ahead of everything, and in an effort to keep
Colton a secret and ensuring his privacy is not
disturbed, she also lets the media have control over
her love life, allowing whatever gossip they dream
up to run unchecked, except where he’s concerned.
But when the media finds her visiting Colton’s
ranch, she lies about how much he means to her in
an effort to protect his anonymity.

It’s a lie that could destroy her life completely
because it’s one that Colton believes. And the next
time she goes to see him, he’s not there to greet
her. Steph finds herself in a race not just to find
him but to show him how much he means to her
and what she’s willing to do to prove it.
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Forever My Cowboy