Keep Me Wanting
First edition: Macmillan

All I’ve ever tried to do is keep the people in my life
safe. That’s gotten me into hot water more times
than I can count. Hell, the last time got me four
years behind bars.

So when my favorite barista tells her mom that I’m
her boyfriend to stop the woman’s endless criticism,
I can’t stop myself from helping her out. But she’s
too innocent and I’m too damaged for this to ever be
the real deal.

I can’t allow myself to touch her, not when making
her mine will drag her into my world and drown her
in my messed up life. What I really need to do is stay

Except every touch and every accidental kiss breaks
my control. I want her.

Then I find out her dad is the detective who put me
away...and he’s trying to take down my family.

I don’t blame him. The secrets I’m keeping are big
enough to destroy everything.
Keep Me Wanting
by Angela Addams
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Keep Me Wanting