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2019 Weird Sister Press.

Witch Hospital Romance book 3

Ascension by Angela Addams

Free-spirited Mahdyia is too young to be thinking about settling down, especially since she’s hyper-focused on furthering her career as a Healer. The one thing that threatens her resolve is her steady booty call, Croft—a teddy bear of a man who knows how to make her purr in all the right ways. However, everything changes when her father, long believed to be dead, shows up. Everything, including her beliefs about her family, and herself.

Croft has been in love with Mahdyia since the first magical night they spent together, and even though he has ten years on her, he believes they are meant to be. He knows how much her father’s return means to her, but senses something isn’t right—both with the man’s story and the strange way Mahdyia acts around him.

Croft knows he’s working against time as he attempts to unravel the mystery that surrounds Mahdyia’s father. But to get to the truth, he must risk alienating the only woman he has ever truly loved, because the more he discovers, the less she wants to hear. And, he fears, the more danger she could be in.

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