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It Takes Two

It Takes Two: Couples Erotica
2023 Cleis Press

It Takes Two: Couples Erotica

It takes two to do more than just tango in Bussel's sizzling new collection of short stories . . .

In It Takes Two, couples take their passion in new directions, giving free reign to their filthiest sexual fantasies. Sometimes, they pretend to be someone else, engaging in erotic role-playing that allows them to embody their most sensual side and say and do things they wouldn’t in their everyday life. From BDSM encounters at Kink Camp to trying out new sex toys to outrageously filthy fetishes, glorious exhibitionism and voyeurism and sex in space, these couples find inventive ways to go wild with the one they love. No matter how well you think you know your partner, there’s always something new to discover about what turns them on, as these characters find out. The erotic stories in It Takes Two are all about rekindling that intimacy and seeking out total ecstasy.

Edited by the award-winning Rachel Kramer Bussel, with contributions by popular authors including Rae Shawn, Christina Berry, and Katrina Jackson, It Takes Two is the perfect read alongside a special someone (or someones).

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