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Valiant Heart

Valiant Heart
First edition: 2015 Samhain Publishing
Second edition: 2017 Entangled Publishing
ISBN: 9781640632059
ISBN-10: 1548795364
ISBN-13: 978-1548795368

The Order of the Wolf, Book 4

Valiant Heart by Angela Addams

Ariana had no reason to think this battle would be any different than the rest. Slay the beasts, save the day, another mission accomplished for the Queen. But when another Huntress is hurt, Ariana is obligated to use her power to heal, allowing a Hunter to find her. Now, her mission to bring the Oracle into the tribe is in serious jeopardy unless she can shake her Hunter.

Lance isn’t letting Ariana out of his sight. He’s prepared his whole life to go to battle alongside his mate, and now that he’s found her, his only goal is to convince her that falling in love with him is the only option.

But Ariana must decide where her loyalty ultimately lies—with her Hunter or her Huntresses. And the cost of her choice just might be death for one of them…

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