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Wicked Games

Wicked Games
2023 Totally Bound Publishing.

Wicked Games by Angela Addams

She' s all fun and games. He' s sexy as sin and serious as a heart attack. Together, their chemistry is hot enough to burn their worlds to the ground.

Elena Sasser is a work-hard, play-hard kind of woman and she' s determined to get what she wants, everything she wants, and that includes her father' s sworn protector, Rylan “ No-Nonsense” Ward. Rylan has a job to do, a duty to a family he owes his life to, and no matter how hot and bothered Elena might make him, he will never cross that line with her... again.

On the day that Elena' s notorious father dies, Rylan comes for her, his duty carrying over to protect her with his life and take her to safety. Especially now that she' s inherited her father' s blood fortune and has become the target of all his enemies.

Elena' s been living on her own, making her way up the ranks at Cowan Enterprises, waiting for the inevitable day that Rylan comes looking for her. When he does, she' s not at all prepared or, frankly, willing to abandon her hard-earned life for his safe house hermit existence. The hitmen coming for her don' t stand a chance when Elena sets her sights on her goals. Instead, she convinces Rylan to come with her on a trip of a lifetime, Christmas in the Bahamas, on a security-rich, private island owned by her boss Sabine Cowan. There she plans to win the promotion she' s been working so hard for and Rylan' s stubborn heart once and for all in the deadliest game of hide and seek.

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