Wicked Secrets by
Angela Addams
Wicked Secrets
2021 Totally Bound Publishing
Lexi had always hidden her dark desires…until she
found him.

Lexi Monroe, one of Sabine Cowan’s most valued
Kitty Cats, is set to retire from Cowan Enterprises,
but just as she leaves her own farewell Kitty Cat
party, she stumbles on a secret that could change
Sabine’s world forever. But what she discovers is
not a secret she can tell Sabine—not until she finds
out the whole story. So instead, she enlists the help
of hard-hitting, investigative reporter Sam
Henderson to get to the bottom of things.

Sam’s always on the hunt for dirty deeds, so he
agrees to work with Lexi. It’s not a hardship for
him, however, since he’s got a thing for redheads
and he finds Lexi simply irresistible. Even though
Lexi doesn’t completely trust Sam to have Sabine’s
best interests at heart—especially when a juicy
story is in play—she believes that ultimately, he’ll
always do the right thing. At least, that’s her hope.

Their chemistry is explosive, and in the process of
uncovering the whole story, Sam and Lexi delve
into their own dark secrets, revealing parts of
themselves that they’ve never shared with anyone
before. As terrifying as it is to be so vulnerable,
both Sam and Lexi understand that the only way to
get what they each want is to open themselves up
to being hurt. But that’s hard to do when they are
both hiding behind layers of defenses.

They must set aside their different approaches to
life and love in order to save not only Sabine
herself but also everything she’s built in Cowan
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