Wicked Trouble by
Angela Addams
Wicked Trouble
2022 Totally Bound Publishing
Her fetish cruise vacation started with a bang,
literally, but fun quickly turned to terror when
death came knocking at her door.

Cammie Sheppard, personal assistant to Sabine
Cowan, is a capital-O-organized, type-A
workaholic and, according to Sabine, in desperate
need of a vacation. Despite the fact that her boss
has explicitly forbidden her from touching anything
related to work, Cammie has a plan for her forced
five-day Dark Matter Kink cruise. One, schmooze
and network on behalf of Cowan Enterprises. Two,
product-test all the kink goodies available. Three,
get laid as much as possible. Even a working girl
needs a little release every once in a while, and
Cammie has been saving up.

When she meets Zane Roberts, she finds a kindred
spirit, so much so that their chemistry ignites, and
Cammie checks off number three on her to-do list
several times in the first few hours after departure.
When she returns to her own cabin later that night,
she discovers the body of a man—who is very
much deceased—but when she goes to get help and
returns with security, the body is gone. No one
believes her, except for the mysterious Zane
Roberts, who, it turns out, is conducting an
investigation of his own.

Cammie thinks the dead man is connected to Zane’
s case, but Zane isn’t convinced. Cammie might be
a sub in Zane’s bed, but she’s anything but when
she’s got a job to do. Right now, she’s determined
to figure out how a dead man ended up in her cabin
and stop a murderer from striking again.
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Wicked Trouble