Wicked Ways
by Angela Addams
Wicked Ways
2021 Totally Bound Publishing.
A night with him was only meant to be a release, not an

Adam Lancaster, right-hand man and security expert for
Cowan Enterprises, is called back home to help his
family save their ranch from a gang of debt collectors.

While he’s there, he’s reunited with his childhood
nemesis, Missy Alderton. Missy, once a tomboy, is all
grown up and sexy as hell. She’s also the town’s sheriff,
a kick-ass law enforcement officer who is determined to
bring down the criminal elements that threaten more than
just Adam’s family. Since they both have the same goal,
it would seem they’d be able to work together, but Missy
knows all about Adam’s years of working for the
infamous Sabine Cowan, and she doesn’t approve of his
methods of fixing problems.

Missy hasn’t seen Adam in five years, not since the night
she seduced him as a little payback for things he’d done
when they were younger. She got him all hot and
bothered and walked away, vowing never to touch the
man again. Now that he’s back in town, she keeps trying
to convince herself that she’s not interested in spending
too much close and personal time with Adam. That’s
what her mouth is saying, but her body, on the other
hand, can’t seem to get enough of him. Adam is trouble
and he’s threatening everything she’s built in Grimshield,
including the walls around her heart.

With so much at stake, Adam must convince Missy that
sometimes you have to break a lot of rules to get what
your heart desires.
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