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Friday, August 27, 2010

People I meet.

So far this year I’ve met a lot of interesting writing folk. The reason for this is mainly because I’ve been spending more time getting involved in writing groups and forums. I’ve shared stories with these people, celebrated triumphs and consoled failures.

Writers are an interesting bunch. We each have our own hang-ups and insecurities, strengths and weaknesses. We are all on different paths and never fail to compare ourselves to each other. It’s a different world when you enter a writer’s space. The lingo is strange: queries, ms, POV, submissions, the dreaded R…but we all seem to share the same vision and I can honestly say that I’ve met some of the most friendly people who have talked me off of the writing ledge, helped me by critiquing my work and being brutally honest, have pointed out when I’m being a fool…and all around supported me through all of my struggles and triumphs this year.

So I wanted to pay tribute to those people this week…you know…the ones who raise you up in this crazy writing world…the ones who give you unending support and encouragement…whether it be family, agents, writing groups, friends or as I like to call them, e-friends (since my writing group and my forum buddies are all on-line).

Here’s a round of applause to those who give us poor souls, a.k.a. aspiring authors, that much needed confidence boost once in a while.

I'm headed into another major round of revisions for my agent so my posts are going to be on the shorter side for the next few weeks. I want to remind you though that my final Assassin contest closes August 31 at midnight, so get your comments in! Remember, the more comments you post over the weeks, the more chances you have to win an e-copy of Assassin.


  1. This is a great blog. It's so familiar to anyone who is a writer. The fact that we 'need' our writing group and our support group which is usually one and the same, and they help us through all the trials and tribulations. The support and encouragement mean more than we say at times but it's there, unconditionally.
    It's wonderful that you've put it into words and posted it Angela. Love this blog! :)

  2. I've met an amazing group of people through the online writing community and more recently through a local writing workshop. Even though the actual work is done alone, there is a huge network of writers out there willing to lend a hand or a shoulder to cry on. Good luck with your rewrite Angela!

  3. Writing at times can leave an aspiring author feeling that they're the literal hermit, there you are, doing things in your dell, hoping that the words within find thier way to wisdom and approval.

    Then you get some wiseass who turns up to have a peak and try to rip you down. This is where the support crew turn up, they can help you get through, they can help you find the errors and above all else they can help you pick yourself back up to begin again. They're the unsung heroes who really do deserve thier time in the sunshine. Great post.