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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Release Day for Scorned!

 I'm super excited to celebrate another release day with you all! Not only is Scorned book 1 of a new 3 book series (Hell Hath No Fury) but it's also taking me back full circle to my beloved werewolves! 

I started my writing journey with vampires and genie's but I started my writing career with The Order of the Wolf series and the rest is...well, evident in my backlist. LMAO! 

Scorned, Fury and Wrath are set to release over the next. 12 months and I'm really excited to hear what you think. 

Of course this is a reverse harem, why choose because I quite like writing them. 

Charlie is one of the few unmated female werewolves in existence and she doesn't know it, but the Duke brothers have plans for her. 

I loved writing this series (book 3 is almost complete) and I have plans for a spin off so the world will continue in all the ways you can expect from me...action, adventure, thrills, chills and a whole lotta sexy time! 

If you're interested, you can buy your copy here: LINK 

Let me know what you think!!

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Release Day for Wicked Games!!


It's finally here! I'm so excited about this book finally being out. I really hope you all enjoy it because it was just fun to write!

I got the idea for this story when I was watching the movie The Grey Man - I loved how Ryan Gosling characterized Six, especially when protecting Claire from seeing him have to kill the bad guys. But, being a spicy writer, I thought, what if this was about a protector hitman who had a thing for the woman he was protecting. What if he his morals got in the way of his feelings? What if...And Wicked Games was born! 

She' s all fun and games. He' s sexy as sin and serious as a heart attack. Together, their chemistry is hot enough to burn their worlds to the ground.


Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Behold, Cover Art!


Hell hath no fury like a werewolf scorned.

All I’d ever wanted was to blend in among the humans, but my stepbrothers had other plans. When one of them sent a thug to abduct me, I had to let my true self out, claws and all.

That was the thing… The men in my world were always underestimating me.

Being the hothead that I was, I went straight to the source of the problem—the new alpha of my family’s clan, my stepbrother Sal. He had a surprise of his own, though, and when he hit me with a magically infused pure silver collar, I crumbled like I didn’t have A-plus DNA in my blood.

That was when the Duke brothers entered my life. Heroes in their own minds, they worked a deal with Sal to buy me…as if I were a commodity. To the males in my species, that was what I was, but to the Duke brothers I was the final piece in a prophecy puzzle. They wanted me to rule their clan, be alpha to their pack, which meant they wanted me to take the bites of all three of them.

To that I said, not on your life, boys. But, damn, they were hot, and I was willing to give cohabitation a try. I’d explore their old-world scrolls and prints and listen to their fairy tales about a superpowered queen alpha. I could even get behind training with their pack, but I wasn’t ever going to let a werewolf take a bite out of me.

At least that was what I kept telling myself. The beast inside me had other plans, and I’d never truly known how to stop her from getting what she wanted, no matter who she might have to destroy to achieve her goals.

Preorder Now!!

Set to release Sept 26!

Sunday, June 11, 2023

Cover Reveals!

Hello to those of you who still read this blog! I know I've been very sporadic over the past few years. I've had a lot of poop going on that has shifted social media and blogging to a very low rung on my ladder of things to do. My priority has been writing (aside from the real life shitshow of things I'm managing) and I've got quite a few treats headed your way. 

I'm honoured to be included in this anthology coming out Dec 5! My short story, The Devil Whispers is a hot little thing about a young woman who finally sits down in her best friend and lover's stylist chair for a drastic and overdue hair change. It's sensual and sexy, and I hope, daring and satisfying! 

Preorder link is here: LINK


You can preorder here: LINK

Book five in the Wicked Distractions series

She' s all fun and games. He' s sexy as sin and serious as a heart attack. Together, their chemistry is hot enough to burn their worlds to the ground.

Elena Sasser is a work-hard, play-hard kind of woman and she' s determined to get what she wants, everything she wants, and that includes her father' s sworn protector, Rylan “ No-Nonsense” Ward. Rylan has a job to do, a duty to a family he owes his life to, and no matter how hot and bothered Elena might make him, he will never cross that line with her... again.

On the day that Elena' s notorious father dies, Rylan comes for her, his duty carrying over to protect her with his life and take her to safety. Especially now that she' s inherited her father' s blood fortune and has become the target of all his enemies.

Elena' s been living on her own, making her way up the ranks at Cowan Enterprises, waiting for the inevitable day that Rylan comes looking for her. When he does, she' s not at all prepared or, frankly, willing to abandon her hard-earned life for his safe house hermit existence. The hitmen coming for her don' t stand a chance when Elena sets her sights on her goals. Instead, she convinces Rylan to come with her on a trip of a lifetime, Christmas in the Bahamas, on a security-rich, private island owned by her boss Sabine Cowan. There she plans to win the promotion she' s been working so hard for and Rylan' s stubborn heart once and for all in the deadliest game of hide and seek.

There's definitely more to come so stay tuned for cover reveals and other surprises happening soon! 

Thursday, March 2, 2023

Sale Alert!

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